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Pandorum also has extensive capabilities in building 3D functional tissues through a combination of cells, gels, and cell modulators, using self-assembly, 3D printing, and other fabrication methods to construct desired tissue like micro-architecture. Our proprietary technology platform is designed to develop functional human tissues, such as bio-engineered Cornea and Liver, intended for medical research and therapeutic applications. We are further expanding an arm in the area of cell-free therapies /stepping in the cell-free therapy for tissue repair and regeneration. We are at the cusp of reaching clinical stage and our commitment is to excellent translational science to positively impact human health.
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Bio-engineered Extra Cellular Matrix mimic for tissue regeneration and scar-less wound healing


Cellular Engineering

Scalable 2D and 3D Mesechymal Stem Cell (MSC) culture for robust and scalable production of cells and derived therapeutics


Exosome & Nanotherapy

Regenerative Cell Modulators – MSC derived exosomes at high purity with multi-modal characterization



Hierarchical assembly of 3D biological structures to recapitulate tissue like micro-environment


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